Content creation for business can be really tricky, especially when you are just getting started.

I know this is something a lot of us struggle with but I’m about to make life a whole lot easier for you. I’m going to give you a simple formula that is going to help you produce valuable content, quickly.

Why? Well content is king! (Yes that dreaded phrase again. Note to self, find a better way of saying it. Hmm perhaps ‘content puts food on the table’). And, as sharing content is an integral part of creating and growing your online presence, I want it to be as simple as possible for you.

I’ve been there…

So here’s the thing; I literally can’t tell you the number of times I have stared at a blank screen agonising over what I should write. How many times I have closed the laptop again and watched a TV series instead. Or worse still, the number of times I have known what I want to say but not been able to articulate it without waffling. Have you been there too?

At school we were taught to write in a particular way. Being detailed and wordy was rewarded. And, starting a sentence with ‘and’ was a big no, no. (Did you see what I did there?)

But I have learnt that when writing for business a lot of the conventional rules go out of the window. In fact, your audience is only really bothered about your ability to solve their problems without putting them to sleep. Be engaging, yet useful needs to be your sole focus when creating content.

The Content Creation Formula

What follows is the formula that I now use to help me create content quickly and easily. And, you can use this for every type of content you create, whether it is a blog, video, podcast etc.

Step 1: The Promise

The introduction to your content should outline the promise that you intend to deliver. Why should somebody read, watch or listen to your content? How will they be transformed as a result?

E.g. In this article you will learn how to setup a WordPress website in 7 easy steps

Step 2: The Problem

The next section of your content needs to outline the problem that they are facing. This is designed to reinforce why they should read your article.

E.g. The problem is you need a great website but you don’t know where to start and you can’t afford to pay someone else to do it.

Step 3: The Process

In this section you actually teach your 3 to 7 teaching points.

* Purchase a domain name and hosting
* Install WordPress on to your new site
* Configure site settings
* Choose a template
* Customise the template
* Add plugins
* Test site, check links and make live

Step 4: Do’s and Don’ts

In this section you outline rookie mistakes and provide some tips to go from a newbie to advanced

E.g. Don’t forget to ensure you have configured permalinks to ensure your URL is aesthetically pleasing and to help with SEO. Also remember to use the image alt tag to improve usability and SEO.

Step 5: Next Steps

Finish off your piece of content with a call to action or an action step. Give your readers something to do and they are far more likely to remember you.

E.g. Download my launching a website checklist.

Get on and do it

So if creating content is something you have regularly put off, you now have no excuses.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for your business; in fact, I was at a talk recently where someone said ‘content creation needs to be a habit’. It may take you some time to find your groove, but having a process in place undoubtedly makes life easier.

Never again will you have to stare at a blank screen. If you follow the above formula you will be a content churning machine in no time!

Don’t fall into the pitfall of thinking you have nothing valuable to share. Everyone has knowledge that someone else desires.
And remember you are not just limited to written word. Your audience comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some will like to read, others will like to watch and/or listen so keep it fresh.

Finally, in staying true to the process, I have created a Content Creation Formula cheat sheet and unbranded Content Planner for you. I highly recommend you download and print a copy of the formula for easy reference when you are creating your own content. And, you can use the planner to bullet point ideas for your content, under each of the 5 steps.

Just click the button below to get your hands on both.


Download Content Creation Formula and Planner

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