• Netflix
  • Daily Mail
  • Facebook (not for business)

So, this is a list of my biggest distractions, in no particular order.  I’m sure there are others but these are the ones that I can easily think of as depriving me of so much time.

Here’s a question for you….do you know how much you can get done in 60 seconds?

The other day I was heating milk in the microwave and I set the timer to 60 seconds. In that time I was able to prepare a bowl of cereal, spread my bed (not to hotel standard obviously) and get my resistant one year old into a jumper. On face value it may not seem like a lot, and I do live in a flat so I have no stairs to contend with, but I was genuinely surprised that the microwave was still going when I got back to the kitchen. Managing to achieve three things in that time really made me reflect upon the value of a minute.

Quite a long time ago I realised that I was wasting time on activities that yielded no results, but the microwave example made me see things in a different light and it got me to thinking. I thought about the 42 minutes in an average Netflix episode and how much other things I can get done in that time. Or the 15 minutes I used to spend every morning browsing through the Daily Mail reading largely irrelevant celebrity stories that impacted my life in no way, shape or form. Or all the time I have spent over the years, browsing through the Facebook posts of people I don’t even speak to anymore. This is all time I cannot get back!

There are 1440 minutes in a day. Obviously we have to use some of those minutes for the tasks that ensure our survival, i.e. sleeping, eating etc. but I know even with cutting down on my guilty pleasures, I could still be far more productive in many areas.

Having a true appreciation for the value of a minute is helping me train my mindset to stay on task. Losing this time has slowed me down on my journey to success and the sad thing is it will stop some of us reaching success all together.

Think about what you can achieve in a minute and how much time you spend being distracted.

Toni x

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