Hey, I’m Toni…

(Yeh that’s me over there to the right) and I love everything WordPress.

I started using WordPress in 2010. At first it started out as a hobby but I very quickly fell in love with the platform’s capabilities and now I’m on a mission to build and maintain beautiful websites; in addition to empowering my fellow female entrepreneur to take control of her online presence through tailored 121 training sessions.

I’ve been put through my paces over at WP Elevation in order to become a certified Digital Business Consultant to give my clients peace of mind that I am going to do a great job. You can see my shiny, digital badge next to my mugshot.

The bar chart, is a rough breakdown of how I spend most of my time (for anyone who is remotely interested). As you can see, I like to tinker in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, so keep an eye out for some amazing free printables.

  • WordPress Web Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • InDesign Creations
  • Illustrator

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